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Shipping charges for orders within the contiguous United States are already included in the price of each item on this store- one nice price, no hassle!

All purchases made within the contiguous United States will be shipped via media mail or first class. All vinyl will be packaged, secured, and shipped in vinyl mailers in order to ensure it arrives in excellent condition.

If you have questions or receive merchandise that has been damaged, please email with pictures and a short, written description of the damage. We will reach out to you ASAP.

Outside the Contiguous United States: Please add a tip of $10 to each purchase made outside of the contiguous United States of America in order to cover the additional cost of shipping.

Tipssss! Or; The Sara Quah Music Fund- For the Recording of Future Fantastic Songs

Any donations collected will be funneled right back into Sara’s music. It could be a single song or a full album. Either way, it’s gonna be music to your ears.

So this seems like a weird section to have in a merch store, right? Right. Except it’s not. Straight talk: Merch and/or music may not be everyone’s favorite idea. You have too much stuff in your house, you can’t find your slippers or your Aunt Erma…or possibly your hamster Eugene. What’s that rustling in the corner? Your life is busy and cluttered and maybe you are simply trying to, well, SIMPLIFY. Maybe music just isn’t your thing. That’s okay, too- everyone’s got something important to them and we all get The Happies over different things.

Do you see where we are going with this? No? Let us explain.

Sara is pretty super-cool, and is also the sort of person who would actually help you re-organize a closet, make flyers to find your Aunt Erma, or spelunk your house for Eugene The Drifter Hamster. That sort of person usually inspires feelings of support and love, because she is genuine, and actually LIKES to re-organize other people’s closets. So sometimes the people who support and love nifty people like Sara just find it easier to give a couple dollars here and there rather than add to the pile o’ stuff in their house or try to invest in the lovely music of the next Carole King because maybe (just maybe) they are SUPER into Frank Zappa and have been listening to Apostrophe (;) for the last 44 years.

To those people, this tip box is for you, if you want. Music is expensive. No lying. Making high quality albums like Taking Me Back are more than labors of love, they are labors of money, too. And every penny is worth it, but Sara really does need All the Pennies to make it happen. So if anyone is ever inspired to give, this tip box is for you too (if you want). Sara will reinvest all tips back into the album cycle so that the world and all of you kind people can hear the cool things that come out of her brain while she swan dives through life with the moves of someone who really understands physics (geddit?).