About Sara


Singer, songwriter, all around happy person.  Artist, thinker, prophet, always humming harmony.  Writer, player, singer of songs.  Listener, ponderer, lover of music.  Maker of epic playlists.  Netflix addict.  Bleeding heart liberal.  Mother, daughter, creator.

Contact me at sbquah@outlook.com if you’d like to schedule a show (I do house concerts as well), or just be friends.  

You can find me on Facebook or Twitter @SaraBQuah.

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Taking Me Back was made possible through the work of Palo Santo Records in Dallas, TX where pure motives still exist and faith is still placed in art and artists.  Taking Me Back, as well as all former discography was produced by Tony SanFilippo at Oxide Lounge Recording in Bloomington, IL: record@oxidelounge.com.


  • Taking Me Back (2017)
  • Which Will Be Heard (2016)
  • The Bookstore (2015)
  • Windows (2015)
  • My Dog Smiles (2014)
  • Meanwhile (2014)

Listen or buy at CD Baby. The whole groovy enchilada only costs $6.97!

You can also purchase single tracks if groovy enchiladas that cost $6.97 just aren’t your thing. But they really should be. Because groovy enchiladas be groovy.


In no particular order, I love: big books, pistachio muffins, singing with my daughter, sarcasm, my friends, most kids, all animals, dancing in the kitchen, porch swings, loud music, quiet houses, laughing till it hurts, sunglasses, mismatched silverware, garages, socks, my daughter’s curls, Target, feline paralysis, trees, better than sex mascara, honesty, driving with the windows down, crickets, tomatoes in July, Christmas morning, my dad’s hugs, my son playing guitar, all colors, energy, flannel pants, looking through stained glass windows, my mom’s hands, the beach, perennials, talking about books, fall, justice, fireplaces, Reisling, old furniture, new pajamas, and Spotify.

In no particular order, I hate:  worrying about money, being tired, cold feet, soggy cereal, mean people, standing for a really long time with no hope of a chair in sight, wind, dog hair, guilt, shredded coconut, cookies that contain secret shredded coconut, people who secretly put shredded coconut in things, failure, heavy metal, Wal-Mart, putting away laundry, climbing steep stairs, uncomfortable shoes, consequences, absence of logic, and apathy.

View More: http://meganrenaephotography.pass.us/sq