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Hello all, I am the one called Tony.

I’m a producer, engineer and musician who is often left as caretaker of an artist’s vision. They come to me at my studio, Oxide Lounge Recording, (Bloomington IL in case you’re considering a trip) and I help them nurture their vision into a complex whole.


I’ve been making records for over twenty years.  I think my most useful skill as a producer is that I can hear the rawest version of a song, and also hear what it can become.  I try my best to be part of the team.

When an artist comes to Oxide Lounge, I treat the project as if I’ve temporarily joined the band; I’m working with the artist to make the best record possible.

At Welcome to 1979 Studios in Nashville, TN




I’m a trained percussionist, with a pretty decent amount of skill on various other instruments.  I can also facilitate other musicians as needed. I’ve recently started teaching at Illinois Wesleyan University.  Helping others make great records, at my place or theirs, or just giving advice is always satisfying.

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At Oxide Lounge Recording in Bloomington, IL

Oxide Lounge Recording