Fruit Emojis and Fast Friends

I met Amber a few years ago when Mark and I went to see Tony play at Jazz Up Front.  Tony introduced  us to her while he was on a break, and we switched tables to sit together.  Once the band started back up it was impossible to continue out conversation BECAUSE THEY WERE SO LOUD so we started texting.  Having just met, we didn’t have a ton to discuss over text.  To fill in the blanks–Amber is hilarious–she sent me random emojis.  A dancing bear, an outlet, an eggplant.

This went on for a few weeks.  Out of the blue I’d get a clown face, or an eyeball, an umbrella, or a cat.  It was a little love note.  “I’m thinking of you!”  I would do my best to out random her, but that is tough.  She is creatively random.

So a little while later I was driving, my son in the passenger seat, and I get a text.  Since I’m driving, I can’t pick up the phone so I ask Evan to check my phone.  He does and starts to type his reply.  This is what he VERY loudly shouts to me in the car.

“MOM!  Have you been SEXTING Dad?”

My answer (obviously) was WHAT?  And, wait, should I laugh or be appalled?  And WHAT?


Okay, so have you put it all together?  Amber and I were SEXTING, and we didn’t even KNOW it.  How awesome of a way to become friends.

So, fast forward, I get to TELL her this story.  And I KNOW she is going to LOVE this story so I tell it just right, and I get to the end and she says, “Oh my God.  I’m a sexter.”

Yes, this is my best story.  Completely unrelated to anything that has to do with music or albums, but somehow connected in my mind since Tony and Amber just left, and we are happy friends forever.


Published by

Sara Quah

Writer, singer, songwriter. Find me @SaraBQuah. Listen to my music at

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